Moodyboard - Black
Moodyboard - Black

Moodyboard - Black

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I absolutely love these Moodyboards by Growme Melbourne. They are such great multifunctional pieces. You can use it as a pin board (magnetic) or you can write on it with a whiteboard marker. It has a shelf at the front to hold books, cookbooks, a vase, so many things! 

Use in any room in the house - study, kitchen, lounge, kids room, in a cubby house or even as a menu board at a cafe. Use it as a daily notice board to write notes, pin up inspirational quotes and pictures of those dearest to you. It’s uses are limitless! 
From the home office to cubby house - It's a multi-functional piece that you'll get heaps of mileage from for years to come. 
The Moodyboard can be wall mounted (brackets are included) or placed casually leaning against a wall.
I can not tell you how much I LOVE it!!
Product Details:
Dimensions: 700mm x 400mm x 110mm
Weight: 6kg
Material: Steel
Finish: Powdercoated , Gloss finish 
Shelf: 110mm deep