Unboxed - Kids Craft Book - Adventures in Cardboard
Unboxed - Kids Craft Book - Adventures in Cardboard
Unboxed - Kids Craft Book - Adventures in Cardboard

Unboxed - Kids Craft Book - Adventures in Cardboard

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I’ve been a fan of Mini Mad Things for ages! I love Eleanor’s fun and colourful craft activities and I’m so excited she now has a book. Easy access to all her best cardboard craft ideas! With tips and tricks for getting kids involved (because you know it’s really for you ha!)


This book is about using what you have to create something new. To be specific; It's about using cardboard boxes to make cool creations that inspire creative play.

In a world of finite resources and growing consumption, we want to encourage the creative use of simple, recycled materials, like the humble cardboard box, to create play. Encouraging our little ones to re-purpose what they already have is not only great for our planet, it also requires creative thinking to see new possibilities beyond the original purpose, helping our children become the resourceful inventors of the future.


  • 15 PROJECT IDEAS to make, using cardboard boxes, including rockets, a huge marble run, cubby houses, dress-up costumes, a city, cars and lots more.
  • Lots of other fun creative ideas and a special bonus project.
  • Inspiration for making a creative space at home for your little ones.
  • A list of basic craft supplies to build your craft cupboard.
  • Ideas for using household RECYCLING and SUSTAINABLE crafting tips.
  • Simple building technique ideas for creating with cardboard.
  • 110 pages of beautiful images.

Each of the project ideas presented in the book are not only fun to make but also create something that your little ones can then play with. For example, building a huge pirate ship that they can then sail the seven seas in!


This beautiful hardboard book measures 20cm x 25cm with 110 pages of crafty fun and is printed here in Australia on matte, sustainably sourced paper.